Sonata is a company founded in Madrid in the year 2000, dedicated to the creation and wholesale distribution of fashion jewelry and accessories. It currently operates in more than 20 countries, including Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Portugal, as well as others. The company is specialized in fashion jewelry and surgical steel products.


Value proposal

We design our products according to the latest fashion trends, showing a strong influence of the Mediterranean style. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to offer a wide variety of seasonal styles and colors, giving our collections great balance and elegance. Our large catalog is gathers of more than 20,000 references available in stock.

We introduce two extensive collections during the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. Although, our catalog is constantly being updated and we present new items on a regular basis.

We are committed to our customers to provide the best products in the shortest time possible, always trying to adapt us to their needs. Therefore, we are always open to new ideas to incorporate into our catalogues.